Sunday, November 1, 2009


Evelyn was really excited about Halloween this year (what kid isn't excited to have their parents take them around to fill a bucket with candy?). She told me many times yesterday, "You HAVE to take me trick or treating tonight." :) I made a cat tail and cat ears for her, but this past week she kept changing her mind, and I finally gave in and made some wings last minute so she could be a fairy. (We'll use the cat ears and tail at her cat-themed birthday party this weekend.) So, I took our fairy Evelyn and our little missionary Edison to the ward trunk or treat. Edison wasn't too sure about all of it, but Evelyn had a blast and got pretty comfortable going up to people to say "Trick or Treat" after a few minutes. I forgot my camera at the actual event, but luckily we got a few pictures before leaving home. After we got home, Evelyn quickly organized her candy according to color, shape, etc., and Edison just enjoyed dumping out Evelyn's candy and putting it back in the bucket.