Sunday, June 7, 2009


We've been enjoying the weather the past few weeks with visits to fun parks (Plano has some great parks!) and going to the pool. There's a pool and a kiddie pool about a building away from us in our apartment complex, and yesterday afternoon we finally went swimming.Evelyn was SOOOO excited and had a blast playing in the kiddie pool. We had it to ourselves most of the time, so both Evelyn and Edison got to splash around a lot and have fun. Evelyn liked watching the kids play in the bigger pool and kept yelling "Look what they're doing!!" while pointing at them. We didn't take our camera to the pool (maybe next time), but here's a pre-swimming shot:
For whatever reason, Evelyn was set on taking this duck bath toy to the pool, and she carried it like this the whole way there.
And after the pool David gave the kids a bath in their swimsuits. Evelyn thought it was pretty cool that they were all in the bath, but she refused to smile for the camera. :P