Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun (and free!) date night

David and I had an in-home date night last night (like most of our date nights), that we both really enjoyed. [Warning! It's kind of cheesy, so stop now if you're not alright with cheesy stuff.] Before our date night we put together a list of "favorites" for each of us to fill out beforehand. Some of the things we used were: favorite physical feature (of the other person), favorite movie we've watched together, favorite date we've done, favorite character trait (of the other) and the biggest way the other has changed since we've been married. It was fun thinking of answers (some of which were easier to answer than others) and being reminded of things that we love about each other and fun memories we have together. Then, after the kids were in bed, we got out our lists and took turns sharing our answers. I could have predicted some of David's answers, but others were a surprise to me.
We had talked about also checking a movie out from the library (like one of the first movies we watched together), but we didn't end up having time. Oh, and since dessert is almost always part of our dates, we also had some ice cream. :)
So, while it wasn't the most glamorous evening, it was a lot of fun and just a good reminder of why we love being married to each other. (Yes, you may groan now if you want to.)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Edison has recently had an explosion (for a 12-month-old) of new words. He's now up to about 10. One of the words he uses most often is "duh," meaning "yuck." He loves putting things in his mouth (mostly for the reaction these days), and his favorite thing is shoes. He loves chewing on shoes, so I'm always telling him "yuck, yuck!" and then taking them away. Well, the other night at dinner we had some roasted vegetables, so I put a piece of red bell pepper on his tray. He picked it up, put it in his mouth, and then immediately took it out, threw it back on his tray and said "Duh!!" I thought it was pretty funny, even though he was telling me that dinner was yucky. But it is fun to see his language develop and watch him become more of a little person and less of a baby.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A few months ago I got a sewing machine, and I've had a lot of fun doing a few little sewing projects. I haven't been brave enough to do anything very big, but some of my accomplishments so far include a headband, a cover for my sewing machine, hemming some pajama pants, adding straps to Edison's hat (which he still pulls off in about 5 seconds) and making a pair of shorts for Edison. I made the shorts with a lot of help and guidance from my mom while I was out in Utah, but she made sure that I was actually doing it and she was just advising (at least mostly). It feels great to be gaining confidence and seeing progress with each little thing I do. I'm hoping that this will become a lifetime hobby as I work on it a little at a time. Some of my next projects are altering some of David's work clothes and eventually finishing the living room curtains that I started awhile ago....

Effects of an Older Sister

Evelyn definitely has a girly influence (go figure) on Edison, especially since he's still so young. I know his mind will change about some things as he gets older, but right now he loves handing me one of Evelyn's headbands so I'll put it on his head. He also enjoys brushing his hair (although that isn't just a girl thing), wearing Evelyn's pink sunglasses, and the other day he seemed to like Evelyn pushing him around in her doll stroller (per request of big sister). These could be potential blackmail pictures when he's a teenager, but right now it's just cute.