Thursday, July 2, 2009

Words of a child

We've gotten kind of lax the past few months with holding regular family home evenings. I'd like to blame it on David's work schedule, but really we just haven't made it a priority. Well, last week during Evelyn's bedtime prayer she said something like, "And thank you for family night, when we get to have it sometimes." Talk about a wake up call! That was on a Friday evening, so I talked with David that night and we made a point to have family home evening on Saturday. Then on Monday we found out that David's tutoring sessions were cancelled, so we jumped on the opportunity to have another family night, even though Evelyn thought it was silly that we were having it so soon again. We talked about and drew Lehi's Dream together, which Evelyn really enjoyed. Needless to say, we are making regular family home evenings more of a priority now. It is too important a thing to just let happen when it's convenient.

On the Move

Edison has gotten pretty good at the "army crawl" and uses it to get all over the place. Some of his favorite things these days that draw his attention are wheels, open doors and whatever he knows I will take away from him (kids have quite a knack for knowing just what you don't want them to get into). I know this is just the beginning, since he's only been really mobile for the past week or two, so right now it's still novel when he gets into things or crawls across the room to get something he wants.
I'd also like to point out just how much he enjoys playing with and sticking out his tongue. Sometimes he reminds me of a little puppy. :)