Sunday, March 21, 2010

Funny kids

I hope you enjoy these anecdotes as much as I do, but here are some funny things the kids have said/done this week:

Evelyn was talking to Grandpa Hinckley outside, and it went something like this.
Evelyn: This is a strong wind.
Grandpa: It's a powerful wind.
Evelyn: No, it's a strong wind.
Grandpa: What's the difference?
Evelyn: The difference is, I'm right and you're wrong.

Edison is communicating more and more, and while he's certainly not saying sentences, he's putting words together pretty frequently so we can follow what he's saying. For example, Evelyn got some fruit snacks in her church class today, and she ate them after lunch (per request of Mom). I asked her if she'd like to share one with Edison, so she gave him one and then ate the rest in her room. Well, Edison knew where the fruit snacks went, so he followed Evelyn, knocked on her door, and said, "Knock. Evelyn! Open. Come in!" He was disappointed when Evelyn wasn't interested in opening the door, but we found another little treat for him.

And this is kind of a brag on Evelyn, but during church today I passed a member of the Primary presidency who stopped to tell me that during opening exercises Evelyn volunteered to recite the 3rd Article of Faith in front of the Primary and did it perfectly! First of all, the fact that Evelyn volunteered to get up in front of everyone like that surprised me a bit, since she's usually more content to watch others (although lately she says that one of her favorite things to do is "talk to people"). And I also didn't know that she knew all of the 3rd Article of Faith. They've been working on it this month in Primary, and I guess she's learned it from the few times they've practiced it. Good job Evelyn!

And to be even, here's one more story about Edison. He heard his grandpa talking upstairs, so he ran over to the stairs saying, "Papa!" Then he heard that David was up there, too, and he said, "Daddy!" Then he looked right at me while standing at the gate to the upstairs and said, "Mom! Open!!" He knows what he wants....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ballet recital

Evelyn's ballet class (which she has loved) ended last Friday, so her class did a little "recital" for the parents. Not many girls were there, since the last day was pushed back from a snow cancellation last month and happened to land on the Friday before spring break, but Evelyn still had a great time. She was excited that Grandma and Grandpa (Hinckley) were able to come, too. Before the girls did the two little routines they had learned, the teacher, Miss Denise, had them do a few of the things they've been working on each week like ballerina hands and leaps.
Then the girls did two routines, one sitting down with a teddy bear on their laps (it didn't seem very "ballet-esque" to me, but if anyone wants to see the video of it, just let me know) and the other one dancing with a flower. The video of the second dance is kind of funny, because Evelyn was the only one really paying attention for most of it. You can see at the beginning that Evelyn is trying really hard to follow the teacher and even copies Miss Denise's gestures to get the girls to focus and be quiet. She also looks at the other girls sometimes like "why aren't you doing the dance?".

I'm glad that Evelyn was able to do this ballet class, and I'm pretty sure there will be more dance classes to come.