Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love spring! We have been trying to take advantage of some nice weather over the past few weeks with trips to the park, playing in the backyard, and just getting outside. I'm also enjoying being able to take pictures again. So, here are a bunch of recent pics!

Evelyn is learning how to ride a bike. This was taken on her first (or second) bike ride. (Don't worry, now she wears a helmet and has training wheels.)
Edison enjoying sidewalk chalk

This was actually taken a couple of months ago, but here's our happy guy!

proudly walking on a stepping stone path
catapulting a tennis ball into the air
Evelyn, remembering some turkeys we made around Thanksgiving using snack foods, asked if we could do something fun like that for snack the other day. I came up with this little flower. Evelyn wasn't that impressed, but I was pleased with the result. :)
A few months ago David stumbled upon a free kids workshop that Home Depot does on the first Saturday of each month. So far the kids have made a picture frame, heart shelf with a coat hook, racecar, and now a planter box. They absolutely love it! The past couple of months David has just gone by Home Depot, picked up the projects, and done them at home with the kids, since we've had busy days and couldn't do it at Home Depot. But this morning he took Evelyn and Edison up to Home Depot and they had a blast. Evelyn was very proud of how well she used their child-sized hammers.
Then we bought two sample-sized cans of paint (which was a good size, since Edison accidentally knocked one over, spilling half of its contents onto the newspaper--thank goodness for doing the project outside) and let the kids paint them. The pictures may not show it very well, but the kids were so excited to get to paint the boxes by themselves.
Ta-da! I can paint more than just a planter box!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back in business

Not having a camera for a few months makes writing blog posts less enticing (or at least that's my excuse). But we got a new camera on Saturday, so we're back in business! Grant is now 6 months old, and he had his first taste of solid food (baby oatmeal) Saturday afternoon. His reaction was somewhat passive: not disgusted by it, but not in love with it either. He did really like the spoon, though. And at least the oatmeal isn't the nasty amoxicillin Mommy keeps trying to get down him (with limited success). Yep, when I took him in for his 6 month check-up, everything was looking great until the doctor looked in Grant's right ear. Apparently it was "flaming red," according to the doctor. Hmm. That's news to me. Grant hasn't been acting overly fussy or pulling on his ear. Hopefully he'll be this easygoing about teething. (fingers crossed)