Sunday, September 5, 2010


On Sunday I realized that I rarely, if ever, post anything about myself. Usually when I get around to writing something, it's about one or both of the kids. So this is all probably old news to most of you, but I also realized that somehow I have failed to mention anything on the blog about Baby Hinckley #3 that will soon be joining our family! I am about 37 weeks along, so with just a few weeks until d-day I often flip back and forth between feeling excited and ready to welcome our next son and then panicky feelings of "I'm not ready!" It's an interesting mixture.

37 weeks

This pregnancy has been similar to previous pregnancies, meaning it's been pretty smooth and uneventful. However, I feel much more prepared for this birth than either of my first two. When Evelyn was born, I was somewhat prepared, but we mostly just went along with what was "normal" and what the doctors said (i.e.-epidural, the doctor broke my water, etc.). Then with Edison, I mostly figured "I've done this before, so I don't need to read up too much or do too much preparation." So once again we just went with the norm, found a doctor, and didn't question much of what she recommended. Well, the labor didn't go nearly as well as I had hoped. I didn't feel very comfortable with my nurse, and my doctor was kind of pushy and trying to speed things up (I seem to remember she was leaving later that day for a trip) by breaking my water and pushing Pitocin. Well, what resulted was a cord prolapse and an emergency C-section. Of course, the most important thing is that Edison was healthy and I was fine, but it was not a very pleasant experience for us.

So, this time around, I have taken a much more proactive approach to everything, including switching caregivers twice, finally settling on a midwife about 15 minutes away. David and I have also been reading a few books about natural childbirth, which I am excited about. Our favorite one has been about the Bradley method, which is husband-coached childbirth. We'll see how everything happens when the baby actually comes, but I am so glad that David has been and will be so involved in everything.

In other areas, I have been sewing more lately, which I really enjoy. I need to take pictures, but my latest projects were a tool belt for Edison's birthday and a nursing shield (for myself). And I have an itch to sew things for the baby, but I can't quite decide what. I'm thinking maybe a few cute burp rags, and I found a cute and easy pattern for rings that the baby can chew on and play with, but that may be a project for a couple months from now.

In our ward I am enjoying getting to know the Young Women in my calling as the Personal Progress leader. What a wonderful program it is.

And as of recently I am also getting my feet wet in the whole public school scene, now that Evelyn started pre-K a couple of weeks ago. She loves it, and I really like the school and teachers. We did the whole carpool thing for a little while as Evelyn got used to the idea of riding the school bus, which she has now ridden twice. The first time she got on and the bus drove away felt pretty weird for me. She's sure growing up! The adjustment to having her gone during the mornings hasn't been as big as I had expected. Edison seems to be just fine that Evelyn is gone for a little while, although he's always excited when it's time to go pick her up. But we have both been enjoying the time with just the two of us.

And even though this post is supposed to be about me, I can't resist including a few pictures of the kids. I took these this afternoon.

painting with shaving cream

coloring--one of Evelyn's favorite things these days