Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dallas Zoo!

We decided to buy a family pass to the zoo this year, which is looking to be a lot of fun! We've been twice this month (well, in May), and it is so nice to be able to go for just the morning (especially as we get into the hot summer) and not feel like we have to cram everything into one exhausting day. The kids' favorite areas seem to be the big African animals (elephants, giraffes, etc.) and the fun children's area on the other side of the zoo. We forgot to take pictures of the children's area, but there's a fun wading stream with rocks and other things to climb on that Evelyn and Edison love. When we went a few weeks ago we caught most of a cool bird show, complete with birds who would swoop down and pick up dollar bills if you held them out and a bird that sang "Old MacDonald."

Here are a few pictures from our zoo adventures.

Riding the train there and back is half the fun for Evelyn and Edison (or at least for the first few minutes of the 50-minute ride).
Carousel! (It's quite sneaky that they put it right by the main entrance to the zoo, so we see it every time we walk in....)
For $5, you can feed the giraffes. We haven't coughed up the money yet, but it's fun to watch other people do it so you can see the giraffes' long black tongues.
Evelyn and Edison both love the elephants.

Grant mostly likes eating snacks and chilling in the stroller (except when it's naptime).

I literally had to carry Edison away from this group of elephant statues, which were a lot more interesting to him than the real elephants.
You can't quite see them, but there are African penguins in and around that water. Did you know there are penguins that live in warm weather? I didn't, until I first went to the zoo.