Sunday, October 31, 2010


The kids (well, Evelyn and Edison--we didn't dress Grant up this year) had fun celebrating Halloween last weekend. Evelyn has been saying for months that she wanted to be a butterfly, so I made some wings out of cardboard and spray painted them pink.
Evelyn had convinced Edison he wanted to be a cat, but we intervened and dressed him up as a "handyman" instead. It was the cutest when he carried around his toolbox, although I don't think we got any pictures with his tools. Well, I made "pumpkin" oatmeal pancakes for breakfast,

but the main festivities were going to a pumpkin patch out in Flower Mound. Evelyn and Edison had a lot of fun jumping in bounce houses, riding on a hay wagon, swinging, posing for pictures (okay, not always fun) and a huge inflatable slide. Edison was maybe too little to go on the slide, but he did a great job on it, and David and I were proud of the way that Evelyn cheered Edison on as he climbed up. Even with bigger kids running around them, Evelyn wouldn't go down until Edison made it to the top. Once we got back to Plano, we stopped at a few ward members' houses to trick-or-treat. If it hadn't been so late, we would have gone to more, but the kids were pretty tired. So for parents who aren't huge fans of Halloween, I think we had a fun day together.

hay wagon ride
a fun kid-sized swing

our reverse psychology to get Edison to smile ("No smiles now. Only frowns.") didn't quite work this time

Monday, October 18, 2010

By request

I've had requests for more pictures of Grant, so I did a quick "photo shoot" with him today. Here are some of my favorites.

I caught the end of a smile

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby pics

Grant is here! He was born on September 24, which was actually his due date. I guess he wanted his own birthday, since on my birthday (the 23rd) I only had some false labor. But he arrived safe and sound and is a great baby! My mom flew in on the 24th and just left this past Monday. It was great having her out here with us, but now it's back to reality and trying to adjust to having 3 kids (though I'm still getting help, seeing how we live with David's parents).
But here are some pictures of our cute little boy.

And I can't find the right picture, but Grant, like Edison, inherited his daddy's dimples. :)