Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where's the manual?

I don't know exactly what I thought being a mom would be like, but I'm finding out more and more that a lot of it is just "wingin' it." For example, on Monday Evelyn had a really difficult day (well, mostly the afternoon) but had a lot of fun spending time with Grandma in the evening. So, how did the day end? With a wipeout on hardwood floor that left Evelyn with a big fat lip, hurt teeth, and just very sad. So when David and Evelyn got home (it happened at David's parents' house while I was at home), I find her crying and blood on both her and David's clothes. As the mom, Evelyn wants me to comfort her, but other than holding her and singing a few Primary songs, I feel pretty helpless. It seems like, as the mom, I should just know what to do. We did get her cleaned up and calmed down enough to go to bed, but David and I were also pretty worried. Luckily, though, our brother-in-law Brady (a 3rd year ER resident) was in town and answered our questions about Evelyn's mouth and whether or not we should be worried. Evelyn's fine now, thank goodness, and it's made me realize that even though parenting doesn't come with a manual, we do have a lot of other resources to turn to when we don't know what to do. From family and friends to prayers and the scriptures, we don't have to feel helpless. We just have to know where to turn when we don't know the answers. And I should probably also accept the fact that, like it or not, Evelyn is just going to be our guinea pig in a lot of things as we learn along the road of parenting.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Joining the Bandwagon

Well, I'm finally doing it--joining the blogosphere (or whatever it's called) in an attempt to ... um ... see if anyone is interested in what's happening in the Hinckley household. Sarcasm aside, though, I am looking forward to (hopefully) keeping this updated with photos and stories of our daily happenings. I'm sure there will be a lull when baby Edison joins our family in a few weeks, but I'll get the hang of this at some point.

Anyway. This is just the beginning, but here's to jumping on the bandwagon!