Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, here's a quick rundown (with lots of pictures) of some highlights from the past couple of months.

Evelyn started Kindergarten! She is really enjoying it, and comes running out of the school with a big grin on her face most afternoons when the boys and I pick her up. We walk to and from school, so we are all really glad that the days of 105 degree afternoons are over, for this season at least.
Edison turned 3! He likes pointing out things that he can do because he is 3, like being strong.
Grant has 4 teeth! I love his toothy grins. He loves chasing after his brother and sister and being included in whatever they are doing (or getting into whatever they are doing).
And he turned 1! We had a joint birthday celebration a couple of months ago with his two cousins that are really close in age to him, so his actual birthday was pretty low key. But he did enjoy opening presents, and his older siblings let him play with the toys a little bit, in between using the toys themselves. :)
Evelyn lost her first tooth! She was quite excited and was eager to put the tooth under her pillow to find out what the tooth fairy might leave.
David successfully took out all of the shrubs in the front yard! This one was the most difficult.
This is a little out of order, but here are a few pictures from Edison's birthday. David made him a soccer goal, my parents got him a basketball hoop, and David's parents gave him a soccer ball (green! his favorite color!), so it was quite a sports-filled afternoon. David also took the day off of work and took Edison to the zoo in the morning. They had fun together, although they were disappointed that the elephant and giraffe areas were closed.

Edison is pretending to be a baby bird in this giant nest.
And finally, Edison is doing a gymnastics class at a city rec center! He is our little "monkey man," so it is little surprise that he is taking to gymnastics quite well. I love watching him do the balance beam, somersaults, trampoline, bar, and other jumping and tumbling. His favorite is swinging on the bar like a little monkey. :)

This one is him doing a donkey kick.
Well, that sums up the highlights. We are also taking advantage of the respite from the heat by spending a lot of our time outside these days. Hopefully I'll have pictures in the not-too-distant future that will show progress on our yard and overall curb appeal out front.