Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recent pictures

Being the only lives-outside-of-Utah member of my side of the family, I often get requests to send more pictures of the kids. It's been awhile since I've posted any, so here you go!

Here's a happy girl! Anna is such a joy. She is generally quite content, happy, smiley, and talkative. She does these cute little squeals that we try to get her to do more often. She is loved by all. :)

One big thing this past week was that we assembled Grant's toddler bed! He is so proud of it, and he won't simply call it his bed. Whenever he refers to it, it is always "my big boy bed." I thought it was so sweet to see Edison reading books to Grant shortly after we put the bed together.

When family was out for Thanksgiving, Evelyn and her cousin Lauren switched stuffed animals for a month or so. They are planning on making scrapbooks that document some of the things the animals do on their trips before the girls switch them back. So here is Evelyn with Katie Koala.