Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love that mouth

Edison loves his mouth. Whether he's chewing on his fingers, thumb, a toy, someone else's finger, or the recently discovered rice cereal, he loves having things in his mouth.I can't tell if he's going to actually be a thumb-sucker, like Evelyn, because he doesn't seem to favor his thumb over anything else. But we'll see. Another new thing is that we finally decided to sleep train Edison so that he could put himself to sleep. After one night several weeks ago when he was inconsolable and cried for about 2 hours, finally falling asleep around 1 a.m., I was nervous about how he would do once we actually stopped walking, bouncing, pacing, swinging, etc. with him to put him to sleep. (Yes, it was getting pretty ridiculous.) Well, to my surprise he has done great! He only had one or two difficult times falling asleep and since then it has been pretty easy. I wish we'd done it long ago! And I've found that one thing that helps him go to sleep with little to no crying is ... giving him something to chew on. Go figure.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melt my heart

Evelyn (like most toddlers, I think) likes to draw out bedtime and will usually come out of her room--often multiple times--after we have tucked her in and turned off the light. Most times I can tell she's really fishing for a reason to be out of bed, but tonight she came into my room, smiled, and said, "I just came out to smile at you," and then turned around to go back to her room. Talk about a great mommy moment! :)
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Quick overview

It'll probably take a few posts to catch up on the past few weeks, but here's a quick overview of what we've been doing--there's more to come in the future.

We had quite a road trip over the Christmas holiday. We rented a minivan with David's parents and left for San Diego early, early on the 18th. We got to CA in the mid-afternoon of the 19th and were able to go to Patrick (David's youngest brother) and Michelle's wedding and all of the festivities on the 20th.Then we drove from San Diego to Springville, UT on the 21st and got to my parents' house around 9:00 that night. We spent the next few days there and had a lot of fun visiting with my parents, Suzanne and family, Christine and Jeff, grandparents up in Ogden, friends, and so on. It was a packed few days but very enjoyable. Then we packed up yet again and took off for TX the day after Christmas. When all was said and done I think we spent around 70 hours in that van. 70 hours! Thankfully, Evelyn was a marvelous traveller. Edison, on the other hand, was not such a fan of being in his carseat, so there were some less-than-pleasant stretches with him crying. He got better at falling asleep on his own by the end of our trip, though.

As always after a long trip, though, it was good to get home. We wish we could have visited longer with family and friends, but we're glad to at least not have any more road trips planned for the near future. :)