Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Soosy.

Yes, I spelled that right. Soosy (or Soozy--Evelyn says you can spell it either way) is Evelyn's stuffed dog that has been her favorite stuffed animal for most of the past year and a half. Well, Evelyn decided that Saturday was Soosy's birthday, and while pronouncing the day to be a stuffed animal's birthday is not an uncommon occurrence, this time we actually threw a party for Soosy. It started with Evelyn wanting to bake a pretend cake, which she has done a few times just mixing flour, sugar, water, salt and maybe a little bit of cinnamon together to experiment and have fun. But I had a coupon for a free cake mix, so we went all out for Soosy and made her a devil's food chocolate cake with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Evelyn and I had a lot of fun making and decorating the cake together.

Then she wrapped a "present," we blew up a few balloons, and the party was off and running. Evelyn and Edison had so much fun with those balloons. And of course we all enjoyed the cake. So thanks for having a birthday, Soosy. It was fun.