Saturday, August 31, 2013

Outside fun

Wow, is summer over already? It's amazing what a difference it makes in my energy level to not be pregnant during the summer (Anna was born last August), because we did so much more this summer than last year! It's been a lot of fun! Evelyn played softball April-June, which she really enjoyed. We've been on many trips to various city parks and had a lot of fun when our Cox cousins were in town for most of a month. The first two weeks of August we spent in Utah visiting family, and then we had a whirlwind week getting everything ready for Evelyn and Edison to start school. So, without further ado, here are some pictures from our outdoor adventures this summer.


The kids had a lot of fun feeding this flock of ducks. The ducklings were especially fun and cute.

Utah sure has a lot of natural beauty.
All this coming and going is pretty exhausting...


I just love this picture of David surrounded by kids.

We made paper boats and floated them on the lake. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Harvesting potatoes from our garden

Sidewalk paint on our driveway. Evelyn did a splatter art picture and then made it look like it was made from accidentally spilling a cup of paint. Whoops!
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Christine said...

What a fun and busy summer!
We sure enjoyed your visit to Utah.
Thanks for posting the cute pictures!